Karim Nagi Workshop I ~

Sun, Jan 19. 10am - 12pm 

Drumming for Dancers & Dancing for Drummers. (Drummers and dancers together)! - $65


This revolutionary class will bring dancers and drummers together, to teach them how to perform and interact. The drummers will learn the famous Arabic rhythms, phrases, and drum solo themes. The dancers will learn how to respond to each rhythmic phrase, how to coordinate their body isolations with each drum passage, and how to dance properly with a drum solo. Both dancers and drummers will learn how to both lead and follow each other. Improvisation will be taught, as well as how to develop an entire Drum Solo Dance routine, with a perfect climax and finale ending!

Karim Nagi Workshop II ~

Sun, Jan 19. 12:30 - 2:30pm

Cymbalisms. (Zills, Sagat, Finger Cymbals w/ Movement). - $65 


You are a dancer and a musician at the same time. Your hands can play any rhythm that a drummer can play. You can accent the orchestra, follow the dynamics of the song, or simply choose the right moment to not play. Sagat (Egyptian word) and Zills (Turkish word), when played correctly, can add to a dancer's dynamism and effect. Karim will teach multiple sounds (Dum, Tak, Tik, Tok, Kish) to give the cymbals the desperately needed variety. He will teach ambidextrous technique, so the dancer can play, and move, in both left and right directions. He will also teach several famous rhythms, so that the dancer can communicate to a drummer or to her own students. In addition, Karim shows how to play with a melodic song, when to play a rhythm vs. accents, and when to stop or not play. Finally, he shows movement combinations, both stationary and traveling, while playing the cymbals. Each dancer will be transformed into a moving musician.

Both workshops will be located at Dance Underground, Studio B ~ 340 15th Ave E / Seattle WA 98112


Click on the PayPal buttons below to purchase a workshop. Pricing at the door will be $70 for Cymbalisms. Drum workshop is sold out. Workshop fees are non-refundable, but you may transfer your spot to another dancer if something comes up.  Pricing within Paypal includes workshop cost plus PayPal fees. Contact Mirabai directly via Facebook or at MirabaiDance@FastMail.FM to discuss non-fee options. 

Karim Nagi In Seattle!

206 883 7123


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